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5 Great Places to Send Brand Ambassadors This Summer

Posted by Aidan Lundy on May 19, 2016 11:04:43 AM
Aidan Lundy

Brand ambassadors are charismatic individuals who help spread the word about your alcohol brand or other products. They have the natural ability to connect with others and gain the trust of potential customers in a way that one-dimensional advertising simply can’t. As summer heats up, there are lots of great venues where you can utilize brand ambassadors.

The Beach5_Great_Places_to_Send_Brand_Ambassadors_This_Summer.jpg

When folks are at the beach, they are already in a good mood. This makes it the perfect time to approach new customers about fun brands! Brand ambassadors can wander the crowds and spot people who may be in the target audience, handing out samples as they go. Or, they can set up a table on the pier or poolside for guests who may be curious to learn about new products.


One of the best parts of summer is all of the great festivals, street fairs, and other similar events. If your town hosts a music festival, food festival, or another popular event that celebrates your city’s culture, it can be the perfect place to send a brand ambassador. One ambassador can run a booth that hands out samples and educates the public about what makes your brand stand out. Other ambassadors can walk through the event and distribute pamphlets, stickers, or other swag with your name on it. Events like this are a perfect way to reach large crowds in a friendly way.

Farmers’ Markets

The local food movement is growing in a big way and farmers’ markets are on the rise. Sending a brand ambassador to a weekly market is an awesome way to get in touch with people who value local brands and quality products. Since farmers’ markets usually happen on a weekly basis, this is a great way to consistently expose people to your brand, building familiarity in a way that wouldn't happen at one time events. Whether they're just handing out samples or actually selling your product, brand ambassadors can make lots of connections with the local community at farmers' markets.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are one of the best places to send a brand ambassador team since the majority of people attending trade shows are on the hunt for new and exciting products. This gives brand ambassadors a perfect opening to talk about the qualities that make your product unique and worth trying. Plus, brand ambassadors can walk through the venue, distribute information, and help direct people to your booth. With so many different vendors attending a trade show, brand ambassadors can really help your business stand out from the crowd.

Grocery Stores and Other Businesses

Grocery stores are classic places to send brand ambassadors to set up a promotional table, especially if your brand involves food, alcohol, or household supplies. Don't feel limited to just the grocery store though! Lots of other businesses may draw potential customers. The grill section of a home improvement store would be a perfect place to promote beer, spice blends, BBQ sauce, or other similar products. A spa or yoga studio might allow you to send a brand ambassador to promote things like non-alcoholic beverages, natural beauty products, or workout clothing. Wine shops that hold tastings may be interested in allowing your brand ambassador to hand out samples or even in featuring your product. Brand ambassadors can easily forge connections with businesses because they can drum up interest with the existing customer base.

Many types of businesses can benefit from good brand ambassadors. Whether you're selling alcohol, food, or some trendy new product, there's always a perfect place to send an ambassador to promote your brand this summer.

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