What is a Brand Ambassador ?

A Brand Ambassador is someone with a positive personality that is hired by Brands to positively represent their brand, increase awareness of brand benefits and to increase sales through an agreed program of activities in a specified area over a period of time.

How does the Program work ?

First we agree with you what is your ideal profile for a Brand Ambassador, to take into account age, gender, demographic, education, skill set and most important personality. We then draw up a selection of our experienced and proven team to get some candidates to interview, and continue that process until we find the right people.

Next we develop with you a training and learning plan that the Brand Ambassador's will learn and be tested upon. This might include in field training with your existing team. Sonas has a full online learning and testing portal to facilitate this, The Sonas University.

Finally we agree a set of activities to be executed over a 3 to 6 time frame. These can include things like product demonstrations & sampling at retail, festivals, fairs, campuses, store merchandising and sales visits, educational seminars, trade shows and conferences.

Our clients get the best results when they take a long term approach to building brand awareness and sales within any given geographical area. 6 or 12 month programs work best, but we can deliver initial 3 month programs if so required.

Contact us today for an initial discussion to see if a Brand Ambassador Program would be a good investment for your business and how we can help grow your brand awareness and sales.

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