Free Samples – Everyone loves them!

Recognized by manufacturers and retailers globally as a key component in the marketing mix, in-store sampling continues to deliver results for brands.

Proven to be effective at elevating brand awareness in the consumer’s eye, in-store samplings are also hugely important for manufacturers to move product off the shelf.

In-Store Food Sampling & Demos:

• Increases sales by 20 to 40%* (A.C Nielsen Study)
• Creates a positive product experience
• Generates corporate goodwill that lasts beyond the initial interaction
• Persuades consumers to change brands
• Allows consumers to try before buying
• Fosters brand loyalty
• Provides cost-efficient product exposure

Sonas Marketing work hand in hand with suppliers, distributors, and retailers to deliver tailored in-store sampling programs that focus on building exposure and awareness alongside actively training our staff to help them move more and more of your product at every event.

Our goal is to help you generate revenue from sampling events and measure every unit sold to demonstrate positive ROI.

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