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7 Tips for Launching a New Product at a Trade Show

Posted by Aidan Lundy on Jul 21, 2016 10:20:58 AM
Aidan Lundy

Trade shows are one of the best places to launch a new product. Why... because trade shows give you the opportunity to interact with intended users of the product face-to-face. A chance to watch as a target audience interacts with your new product and gain insight directly from the users; how often do you get that?

Trade shows are also great for product launches because of the extensive media coverage. Often, these events attract a lot of media attention meaning several TV, Radio, Magazine, and Newspaper companies will be there to cover the event. 

To help make the launch successful, here are a few ideas you should consider:

Plan things in advance

Planning for a product launch should start at least three months before the show.

Make a list of the things you need to do beforehand. Use our Tradeshow Planning Checklist to help.

A good idea is to make announcements about the upcoming product in various industry publications to build up anticipation. As soon as potential customers learn about the upcoming launch, they will be anxious to see the product in real life.

Design a dedicated webpage 

The new product launch will most likely be at the top of your business plans.

So, make sure that it has a dedicated webpage on your company website. This gives prospects somewhere to go before and after the launch if they need more information.

Consider linking the product page from the homepage and build a buzz by actively blogging about the upcoming launch.

Promote the product vigorously 7_Tips_for_Launching_a_New_Product_at_a_Trade_Show_300px.jpg

Getting the word going requires promotion.

Here, you can turn to your social media networks to share your booth number and what kind of incentives you’ll be offering.

Promoting your new product via such mediums creates hype around the product. Answer questions from your social followers regarding the launch and send them invitations to the trade show via live chat support.

Host a live demo

This has to thought through to ensure that interested visitors fully understand how the product works and how it would benefit them.

One way of approaching it is to bring on board competent product managers or the actual designers to handle the demos. Since they are the people who manage the product, they'll be better placed to demonstrate how it works.

Use out-of-the-box ideas to engage your audience

To stand out from the rest and get more attendees to come to your booth and spend time there, you need to think outside the box.

Turn your product launch into a red carpet event where the audience is treated to fun activities they cannot afford to miss out on. For example, you can bring in a celebrity to take selfies with the audience.

You can also use contests where the winner walks away with the new product! These are the kinds of things that attract and engage attendees.

Offer a discount/free samples

Finally, there is no better way get your new products into the hands of the targeted consumer market than to offer free samples or give a discount on purchases.

If you can mix the two, that would work even better. You’ll benefit in two ways. First, you’ll have actual products in the market to serve as samples for the greater consumer base. And, secondly, you’ll make some good money from the discounted sales.

It’s all down to planning and creativity. Start early, promote on social media, offer free samples, and grab the attention of the media with fun activities. You’ll have attendees flocking your booth yearning to learn about or even buy your new product.

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