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5 Reasons to Nail Your Craft Beer Marketing Strategy

Posted by Sonas on Jan 24, 2017 10:28:48 AM
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Macro breweries are the perfect example of why marketing is important. Beer marketing matters for craft beer producers as well. Craft breweries have a range of tools at their disposal for making consumers aware of their brand. Consider the fact that just placing your beer into the "craft beer" category helps you to single your brand out from among other beers in the marketplace. Here are some of the reasons that having a craft beer marketing strategy is important:

There is a Lot of Competition

According to the Brewer's Association, there were over 4,000 craft brewers in the United States. Brewers are working in a crowded marketplace. The more crowded the marketplace, the harder you will have to work to set your brand apart. The fact that the brewing industry is growing means that you will be competing with an even greater number of brands in the future.

Also to be considered is the fact that craft brewers are entrepreneurs competing against large, global brewers as well as other craft brewers.

Craft Beer Consumers Care About the Brand

 Many craft beer fans have made a conscious decision to avoid mass-marketed beers. Craft beer producers should be making a conscious effort to stand out to these people by educating them. They will need to show why their beer making styles and processes are the best. Consider the fact that some companies post pictures of their brewing staff on social media to stir up interest. Showing them the team behind your product and your facilities displays your confidence in the brand and your passion for the product. Giving beer drinkers glimpses behind the scenes can stir up interest, not just in brewing but in your brand as well.

Another way that independent breweries cultivate an image is to give back to their communities. They do this by sponsoring events in their community and donating to local charities.

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The Demand is Significant

Forbes Magazine states that craft beer is presently a $20 billion industry and they forecast that number to go up to $36 billion by 2019. What this means is that there is a huge demand for craft beer. Keep in mind that in many parts of the country, it is impossible to find good beer. In order to get your beer on shelves in these communities, you will need effective marketing.

Breweries Are Local Again

Craft brewers are mostly small and local. This means that the industry is reverting to the time when the majority of brewers operated in neighborhood bars and restaurants. This phenomenon has become prevalent enough that 75 percent of Americans now live with a 10-mile radius of a brewery. These breweries are thriving because they have managed to make connections with local beer lovers who want to enjoy and fresh, high-quality beer from their area. These fans are happy to support breweries in their communities.

Making a Good Beer is Not Enough

While the fact that you need more than good beer may seem obvious, the reality is that some breweries do spend too much time on gimmicks for marketing their product and not enough on developing their brew. Craft beer consumers typically care a lot about taste. This means that in addition to making a beer for the discerning palates of serious beer drinkers, you have to make sure that they know how good your beer tastes. With social media, you have the tools to inform them.

A marketing strategy developed by beer marketing specialists can help your product to stand out in the marketplace. It will help you to communicate your brand message to craft beer consumers and build strong relationships with them.

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