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5 Benefits of Utilizing In-Store Sampling for Your Products

Posted by Sonas on Mar 28, 2017 9:34:00 AM
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If you own or manage a company that sells good quality products, you no doubt want as many people as possible to know how great your products are.

Getting your items into stores does you no good if they just sit on the shelves not being purchased. Marketing effectively is the key to spreading the word about your company.

With the growth of technology, there are countless methods you can take advantage of.

However, one technique you shouldn't disregard is in-store sampling.

Here are 5 benefits of using in-store sampling for your products.

1. It convinces customers your product is worth buying

People have a tendency to stick with products they already know they like.

Customers may shy away from paying for something they have no experience with.

This can be frustrating for you when you know your company has something great to offer. If you give them this experience, though, they often begin purchasing your products.

To illustrate, if you went over to a friend's home for dinner, and they made a delicious meal, that could move you to ask for the recipe, so you can make it yourself.

However, if you had seen the recipe previously in a cookbook, you may have passed it by, simply because you didn't know you would enjoy it.

Likewise, once customers sample your product in-store and they like it, this can convince them it's worth their time and money. 

2. It's an inexpensive marketing method that works

Many advertising methods work but cost you a lot of money in the process.

Letting people sample your products, though, can save you money while giving your customers a positive experience.

This also familiarizes people with your company and what it provides- which you can't put a price tag on.

You can continually introduce your product to new customers by this means of marketing

3. It helps your products to stand out from the competition

In-store samples help your products stand out among similar items, especially if competing companies fail to provide in-store sampling for theirs.

This can give you a huge advantage, especially when your product is already great quality.

Even in cases where similar companies do offer in-store samples, if you're doing this also, it keeps your product from going unnoticed, and allows customers to see how it's unique in comparison with other items. 

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4. It increases your sales

Ultimately, in-store sampling will result in more sales for you.

People like purchasing things they have experience using first-hand. They appreciate when companies offer in-store samples, and this brings their attention to products they may otherwise have never tried or even noticed. 

5. In-store sampling can improve your products' ratings

Even those who don't purchase your products may be inclined to positively review and/or rate them.

People will generally have a favorable disposition towards something they can try for free, and even more so when they are happy with the results.

Having positive feedback and word-of-mouth advertising is great for your business. 

Working it out with Retailers

These 5 benefits definitely work to your advantage. Of course, in order for you to offer in-store sampling, you need to have a mutually acceptable agreement with store management at the locations you wish to offer this.

What if they aren't enthusiastic at first about putting this into effect? 

One thing you can do is remind them that this will increase your products' sales, and by extension their revenue. They express concern over not wanting to take their employees' time to offer in-store samples. Remove this obstacle by parterning with experts like Sonas who have the staff to help you build awareness of your product at no risk to the store owners.  

At Sonas Marketing, we want to help you get your products into the hands of potential customers. We would be happy to assist you with implementing in-store sampling or other effective marketing techniques to help you expand your company. 

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