A Glimpse of Some of our top Trade Show and Promotional Models in the Chicago area

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Jasmine J, Chicago
Jasmine has a degree in Biology and loves her Trade show and Promotions work. She is a regular Model at the Chicago Auto Show for BMW.
Lydia U, Chicago
With 6 years trade show, promotions and fashion experience, Lydia works all the big Chicago events. Perfect for any occasion
Nicole A, 24 Chicago
Nicole is 4th year at university for psychology and Spanish and has been working in Promotions and Trade Shows for 4 over years. She has worked many categories. A great all rounder. 
Rosemary A, 26 Chicago
Rosemary, fluent in Spanish & English and has been in the promotional industry for over 5 years with an emphasis on Trade Shows and Festivals.
Brittany F, 25, Chicago
Brittany loves working trade shows Internationally and has recently worked the NRA, Chicago Auto show and many others.
Lidia F, 25 Chicago
Lidia is fluent in Russian and English, has her BS in Advertising and Business and has been a Team Lead in many of the Trade Shows she has worked.
Sarai G, 33 Chicago
Sarai is TIPS, Basset, Food Handler and CPR certified with extensive experience as a spokesmodel, brand ambassador, hostess and tour manager.
Jillian K, 34 Schaumburg
Jillian has 5 years of experience with trade shows and various large alcohol brands as well as print experience.
Connie A, 28 Chicago
Connie has completed over 100 successful trade show and promotional modeling events. She holds a Degree in Finance from DePaul University and is very technology savvy.
Mandi S, 32 Chicago
Mandi has over 10 years of marketing experience with over 100 shows and experience as a market manager, model and brand ambassador. Perfect for any event.
Veronica S, 22 Chicago
Veronica is a double major and fluent in Polish and English. She has exceptional public speaking skills and has worked a large volume of shows such as NRA, Auto Show and Promat.
Alexandra S, 33, Chicago
Alexandra is a very experienced trade show and promotional model. She is available in Chicago, LA and NYC.
Allissa K, 25 Chicago
Allissa has over 100 events over the past 4 years, has a degree in Business Administration and excels in all types of promotional work.
                    Raina H, 22 Chicago
Raina is new to the industry but has already worked for 3 of the top 10 liquor companies in the U.S. She is a Fitness Model and Gymnast too
Alexandra B, 28 Chicago
Alexandra is highly experienced in Trade Shows and Promotions. Not just a pretty face, she also holds a Masters degree in Mathematics.
Stephanie T, 24 Chicago
Stephanie has been doing Trade Shows for over 3 years. She has a degree in Marketing, PR and Business Communications
Shade W, 29 Chicago
Shade is one of our most recommended Models, with experience in all categories across hundreds of events. Spanish and English speaker
Aga C. 33 Chicago
Aga is a highly experienced trade show model with a Degree in Management. She is very tech savvy and proven herself for any type of event.
Tina N, 25 Chicago
Tina has a Masters in Social Work, speaks English and Arabic and has worked over 50 Trade shows. She enjoys dancing, singing and acting
Natalie N, Chicago
Natalie has a degree in Broadcast media, is a Yoga instructor part time. Works many Trade Shows in Chicago with great experience and skills.
Franke D, 30, Chicago
Franke, with his entertaining & acting experience, is perfect for interacting with guests, crowds and being your go to MC.
Michaela T, 27 Chicago
Michaela has a B.A. in Psychology and Theater Arts, her Food Handler and Basset Certificate and  experience in food, liquor, car shows and tech.
Pamela M, 43 Chicago
Pamela has 15 years of experience as a Trade Show Model, a degree in Television and Radio Broadcasting and runs a non-profit for crisis aide and support for foster children Internationally.
Angelica D, 32 Chicago
Angelica is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English and has training as a TV host, film, voice and speech and improvisation.

Top Trade Shows & Conventions in Chicago for 2020

  1. Jan 8th to 12th. Chicago Boat, RV and Sail Show 2020 at McCormick Place South with 18,000 attendees.
  2. Jan 18th to 20th. 2020 Winter Volleyball Championships at McCormick Place South with 7,500 attendees.
  3. February 20th to 22nd.Chicago Dental Society Mid Winter Meeting at McCormick Place West with 30,000 attendees.
  4. March 1st to 5th. Pittcon Conference and EXPO 2020 at McCormick Place North, South and West with 18,000 attendees.
  5. March 15th to 17th. The Inspired Home Show at McCormick Place North, South and Lakeside Center with 63,000 attendees.
  6. March 18th to 23rd. BOA 2020 Shamrock Shuffle at Lakeside Center at McCormick Place with 20,000 attendees.
  7. March 28th to 30th. ACC.20 Together with World Congress of Cardiology at McCormick Place North & South with 22,000 attendees.
  8. April 2nd to 6th. NSBA 2020 National Annual Conference at McCormick Place West with 7,000 attendees.
  9. April 2nd to 4th. NCTM 2020 Centenial Conference at Lakeside Center at McCormick Place with 10,000 attendees.
  10. April 10th to 12th. Adidas Windy City National Qualifier 2020 at McCormick Place North & South with 14,000 attendees.
  11. April 16th to 19th. MPSA 2020 Annual National Conference at the Palmer House & Hilton Hotels with 6,000 attendees
  12. April 18th to 20th. ABS 2020 America's Beauty Show at McCormick Place West with 43,000 attendees
  13. April 20th to 23rd. IEEE PES T&D Conference & EXPO at McCormick Place South with 14,000 attendees.
  14. May 3rd to 5th. Digestive Disease Week at McCormick Place North & South with 15,000 attendees.
  15. May 16th to 19th. 2020 National Restuarant Association Restaurant Hotel Motel Show at McCormick Place North, South & Lakeside Center with 70,000 attendees.
  16. May 19th to 21st. NCA 2020 Sweets & Snacks Expo at McCormick Place West with 18,000 attendees.
  17. May 29th to June 2nd. ASCO 2020 Annual Meeting at McCormick Place North, South & Lakeside Center with 40,500 attendees.
  18. June 9th to 11th. RetailX 2020 at McCormick Place South with 21,000 attandees.
  19. June 12th to 16th. Amercian Diabetes Association 80th Scientific Sessions at McCormick Place West with 18,000 attendees.
  20. June 17th to 18th. KeHE Holiday Showe 2020 at Lakeside Center at McCormick Place with 5,000 attendees.
  21. June 19th to 22nd. ASM Microbe 2020 at McCormick Place North, South & Lakeside Center with 12,000 attendees.
  22. June 27th to 30th. American Library Association 2020 Annual Conference & Exhibits at McCormick Place West with 25,000 attandees.
  23. July 10th to 12th. Nike National Invitational Tournament 2020 at McCormick Place West and Lakeside Center with 14,000 attendees.
  24. July 13th to 15th. IFT20 at McCormick Place North & South with 14,000 attendees.
  25. July 26th to 30th. 2020 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo at McCormick Place North & South with 19,000 attendees.
  26. September 14th to 19th. IMTS 2020 Industry & Technology Conference at McCormick Place with 94,000 attendees.
  27. October 3rd to 8th. American College of Surgeons 106th Annual Clinical Congress at McCormick Place with 8,500 attendees.
  28. October 4th to 6th. NECA 2020 Convention & Trade Show at Lakeside Center McCormick Place with 6,000 attendees.
  29. October 9th to 10th. Bank of America Chicago Marathon & Health and Fitness 2020 at McCormick Place North with 40,000 attendees.
  30. October 13th to 18th. American Academy of Family Physicians Scientific Assembly at McCormick Place West with 10,000 attendees.
  31. October 19th to 21st. ACCP 2020 CHEST Annual Meeting at Lakeside Center McCormick Place with 6,500 attendees.
  32. October 27th to 29th. ISSA Show North America 2020 at McCormick Place South with 16,000 attendees.
  33. November 8th to 11th. PACK Expo & Healthcare Packaging 2020 at McCormick Place with 50,000 attendees.
  34. November 20th to 22nd. IASB- IASA - IASBO Joint Annual Conference at various downtown hotels with 12,000 attendees.
  35. November 29th to December 4th. RSNA 2020 Annual Meeting at McCormick Place with 55,000 attendees.