Why Sonas for your Promotions & Event Staffing

Sonas brings a unique mix of leading technology, a powerful marketing background and a superb Team Spirit to energize everything we do for our clients and their customers.

Our Team

The Sonas Promotions and Event Staffing team are led by highly experienced and motivated industry professionals, striving to ensure a quality experience to our clients and their customers. Our teams have worked for brands such as: Miller, Coors, Corona, Dos Equis, Heineken, Strongbow, Tecate and many more. Our Bright & Bubbly team are guaranteed to bring excitement and fun to your events.

Sonas Team

Enhanced Visibility & Reporting

A critical component of delivering a better service to our clients and brand owners is to deliver better intelligence and reporting in a timely manner. Sonas has developed a back office scheduling and reporting solution integrated with a smart phone app. Detailed and timely event reports are available weekly or as required by our clients.

Sonas Reporting

Our Technology

Sonas has a great background in IT operations and software development that has enabled us to bring together a technology solution that makes our operations run better and faster for everyone involved. From our breakthrough solution for local brand management, our streamlined event reporting system with its smartphone app, to our dedicated Sweepstake and contest software to engage and excite our end user customers, Sonas is a technology driven organization.

Sonas Technology

Better Customer Engagement

Sonas utilizes our technology background and fantastic promotions staff to add unique and fun experiences to our customer events. This helps provide a more enjoyable experience for our client’s customers combined with better customer engagement, improved field intelligence and better customer data to help the overall success for our Clients marketing efforts.

Client Success Acceleration through Technology

Our background is in High Tech and Marketing. We maintain critical IT operations for hundreds of the United States largest Corporations.

For our Sonas Marketing Division we are bring the latest and greatest technology to improve your day to day operations.

We utilize a smart phone enabled management and reporting portal that makes life easier for our team, whilst delivering accurate and timely reporting to our customers. The Smart Phone App monitors in real time by GPS our team’s locations, allows real time event check-in with GPS confirmation, and creates dedicated recap reports for each client and promotion, allowing easy and prompt reporting back to our clients.